Invention Theatre Festival

8 – 12 June, Stanley Halls, South Norwood

Following the success of the first Invention Festival in February of this year, the Stanley Halls are keen to continue fostering invention and the creation of new work. Over the course of one week, 9 companies and artists from a range of disciplines were given space to experiment and create work in variety of art forms including theatre, dance, spoken word and live art, and present their work as part of a very special evening of 32 performances.

Although the Halls are in their infancy we have big ambitions. One of those ambitions is to make the Halls a centre for creation, and enable the development and showing of a variety of live performance art forms. The space is already being used for rehearsals by a number of performance companies. In 2015 the Stanley Peoples Initiative wants to emulate the inventive energy of its philanthropic founder, William Stanley, and give the building over to a number of companies for a week to turn it into a centre of creative invention.

Are you a company or an individual with a new idea for a piece of live performance, or do you already have some work that needs further development? Stanley Halls will provide space for 5 days from the 8th to the 12th June 2015 (10am-6pm) for you to move that project on. The whole complex will become a hotbed of invention culminating in two nights of work in progress performances across multiple spaces in the building.


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