Crystal Palace International Film Festival

31 October – 14 November: Crystal Palace International Film Festival

film fest

Check out the ace trailers for what screened in 2014 here

A showcase of some of the world’s best Independent films, the Crystal Palace International Film Festival is one of the coolest events in South London’s cultural calendar.

A film extravaganza over 2 weeks incorporating incredible quality films from nine categories including Short Film, Horror Sci-Fi, Animation, Feature Film, Music Video and Documentary, it will delight you. Many screenings are held in unusual venues with gourmet food served, films include World, European and UK premieres. This quality is what brings people back for more along with the great vibe, food and drink in one of the most beautiful parts of London. Film makers who attend many festivals often comment on the stand out nature of CPIFF, in its socialness and relaxed vibe. A director from Kazakhstan said his experience at CPIFF was much better than Cannes because it was social and about creativity whereas Cannes was about politics!

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