Croydon Heritage Festival

20 – 28 June: Croydon Heritage Festival


In its third year, the Croydon Heritage Festival continues to go from strength to strength, involving the community, driving visitors and business to the town and changing opinions of Croydon as a whole.  This year The Whitgift Foundation are working towards an exciting new theme that will provide a core focus for the festival, driving up media interest and create positive messages and change perceptions about Croydon.

During 2015 the theme for the festival will be about highlighting the links Croydon has with famous people and events which feed into three key strands of the past, present and future.

Croydon has a wealth of links to famous people and events from the past.  This will form the main theme for Heritage Day which takes place on Saturday 20th June in the town centre.  A toolkit will be produced to allow all those taking part in the day to incorporate the theme into their activity.  A video will be produced with the help of the generation of yesteryear and young people who can talk about their memories and verbally document these gems of information about the local area.

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