Croydon Performing Arts Festival

8 April – 9 May: Croydon Performing Arts Festival

The Croydon Performing Arts Festival is a large annual performing arts festival including all kinds of music, dance, speech and drama. With a wide variety of instruments which include piano, handbells, guitar, strings, woodwind, brass, as well as choral, rock, pop and jazz. And new for 2015 are our Ukulele classes.
The Festival is run by volunteers for the whole community. Anyone involved in amateur performing arts can take part, whatever age, ability or cultural background.
The Croydon Performing Arts Festival aims:
  • To raise standards and quality of the performing arts.
  • To motivate, encourage and educate performers. 
  • To give the opportunity, the enjoyment and the experience of performing. 
  • To gain constructive appraisal and encouragement from professional adjudicators. 
  • To enable young people to learn by listening to other performers.

Concerts 2015

Saturday 11 April

Dance Gala
Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls
A showcase of some of the outstanding performances from the dance section

Saturday 9 May 9am

Asian Music Circuit Award
Trinity School Concert Hall
Nominated performers from the South Asian Music section perform for the coveted Asian Music Circuit scholarships. Presentation by VIRAM JASANI.

Saturday 9 May 2pm

Concerto Competition Semi-final
Trinity School Concert Hall
Performers qualified from the heats held during the festival strive for a place in the prestigious Concerto Competition Final 

Saturday 9 May 6pm (Admission Free)

Concerto Competition Final
Final Concert featuring top performers from across the Festival
Presentation of Overall Awards in the presence of the Mayor of Croydon
Trinity School Concert Hall

Tuesday 28 July 1.00pm

Lunchtime Concert featuring performers from across the Festival
Fairfield Concert Hall

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